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Moving blog ot wordpress.org. You can find me at juliangreigh.darkpassions.comI have just moved my blog from wordpress.com to wordpress.org, now running on my darkpassions.com and juliangreigh.com sites.

The address juliangreigh.darkpassions.com will forward automatically to my darkpassions.com site…BUT, unless you have Clicked subscribed by email –>

…I was informed by wordpress that some of you will no longer be notified when I post anything. When I found this out I was stunned, and all my “likes” will vanish too. (They Have) But what can I do wait until I get more subscribers and “likes” to loose? I waited a few days and lost 3 more “like” on this post too.
Wordpress.com charges alot for more features, (I am an artist after all, and every dime counts…Oy Vay!) and they can change their minds on lot of things I have no control over.

The good part of this move is:

I’ve been away from blogging for a while due to illness, and now I get to go deeper into the world behind the world.

Over the upcoming months there will be new Artist Alerts, How to’s (Art, business and how to be in a room with people and not sound like an idiot when talking about your art) interviews, a new music album, paintings and other goodies.

Here’s a few samples:

Link: Artist Alert: Hard work is NOT the key to success!

and read this!

Artist Alert: Tax Time Red Alert!

“You Have Been Taking It Up The Ass Since 1969!” – Julian Greigh

Groups who want artists to contribute their art to them for various reasons including auctions will often tell you that you can take the fair market value of the art that you create as a deduction on your taxes. Unfortunately, this is incorrect.

For you painters, writers, sculptors, musicians, etc… the people who create art and people who buy art are NOT equal in the eyes of the IRS.

Under certain conditions, the people who buy art are entitled to deduct the fair market value of the art when they donate it. The artist is only entitled to deduct the cost of the materials that went into the work when we donate it.

The worse bit is that even the cost of materials must be deducted in the year they were bought, add depreciation and other tax minutia and what you have left of that deduction is a big fat ZERO!

I know! It’s crazy and here’s how it happened….Read more (will open a new tab, sorry)

More to come…

from the easel of
Julian Greigh


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