Last year in my blog titled: Artist Alert: Don’t Piss Off Your Boss!? Huh?

I addressed the issue of being an avantgarde, outsider artists or if your work deals with religion or politics etc., and how affects your life if you have day job.


“If your work is mostly harmless and/or family friendly then a day job will most likely not affect your work (art). If your work is not family friendly then you may have a problem.

This came to my attention years ago, when in the middle of a conversation my fellow artists. We began to realized that we were trying to stay under the radar, which is not a good thing for an artist to do. But we all felt that we did not have a choice. Our employers were not particularly open minded. And suddenly there it was; the downside to the “Day Job” scenario. We were afraid our employers would eat us alive—figuratively of course.”

When I wrote this, I was aware of a handful of artists here in that situation, but I am now beginning to see this may have larger dimensions  than I first thought.  And unfortunately another wrinkle has been added. Artists in the major cities like New York and Los Angles now have to worry about this more and more too.

Now I  wonder how many artists with day jobs are creating “non-threatening” art, because they need to keep their jobs? This form of soft censorship—pushing artist to censor themselves—has always been around in one form or another, but technology has transformed this into hard destructive censorship. New powers to “guide” the lives of artists in the trenches has become so pervasive now, like those world war one soldiers more and more artists are trying to keep our heads down to avoid a bullet between the eyes?  Is this war analogy out of place or is it just the war referred to? Are we actually in the middle of a “cold” war on radical art and just don’t know it?

How far down does your rabbit hole go? If you are an artist with a day job having to be “hyper diplomatic” in what you do, please leave a comment or email me at and put the words [Artist Day Job] in the subject line (I get a lot of spam)


~from the easel of
Julian Greigh