Expecting an artist to work for free when others are being paid is insulting!  It’s amazing how many people still think a painter, writer, actor, model, photographer, dancer, musician, dj, etc… should work for free unless they are “famous” (and even then…)

With out the “talent” famous or otherwise, there is nothing, so have you ever wondered why you (the artist) are at the end of the financial food chain? Why you, unlike everyone else, are asked to “donate” what you do for free because…

“It will be good exposure for you.” ~opportunist

To continue; ever hear of a customer trying that argument on the new car dealership, restaurant, grocery store or bookshop down the road? The answer is no! The primary reason is that those businesses know what the art community has forgotten, which is: What we have to offer is of great value!

What does that have to do with you the artist? Simple answer…EVERYTHING! Continue reading »